Bay Decoration Competition …

I am someone who keeps low profile in my office. Only my Team members knows that I am live wire and blabber mouth, I seldom participate in any competitions that happen in my office and Competitions too happen rarely in my office. This was one such rare occasion and I was literally dragged into this. The most often way, I saw people decorating their bays was with this ” Go GreenStuff or like ” Tea stalls ” that is what I have seen in my mails. I thought we will also be doing something in similar lines but our master mind Sanjeev said that we will be making our bay into a massage parlor, I should say I was stunned.

Not that I never knew how a massage parlor will look like but I was wondering will we be able to make it? From my school days I was always a last bench-er and was known for last minute entry be it submitting record notes, assignments, getting hall ticket or turning up for the tours or Industrial visit. I was always the last guy to get into board what ever event it is, So not to defy the history our team made to last minute entry and the whole idea was massage parlor was still creating jitters in all of us though we have enrolled ourselves for the competition. The competition was supposed to begin at 2 PM and end at 4 PM.

The day came and Sanjeev was at his best for the competition and he wanted to make his idea a great success so he had packed his bag with cosmetics and flowers and all stuff. It was simple his enthusiasm that kept us going. Even I had got my multani mitti and rose water. The morning session went normal as there was no great plans we had. We went to lunch at 1.30 PM and We just reached office back at 2 PM. When other teams have finished decorating their bays, we thought of starting the decoration for our bay. 😀 Sanjeev and myself set out to Big Bazaar to get some color papers and that is where the first bomb exploded as there was no color papers in Big Bazaar. We were or I should say I planning to pull out at the last minute, but Sanjeev was still optimistic and dropped me back in office and went out to get some color papers. I came back to office and started the decoration.

We just removed all the computer and other stuff in the bay and put it beneath the table and kept the biggest available LCD TV on one side and the other side of the bay kept the pillow that sanjeev had got and the blanket that I have borrowed.  Sanjeev finally showed up around 2.45 PM with Red color papers and we started decorating the bay with the same, to add more color to the bay I took out few abstract pencil art printouts and every one of our teammates pitched in for help and stuck it in and around the bay. Suddenly there were lot of peoples and lot of ideas over flowing. When one idea can change your life, multiple ideas will make it even better isn’t it?

I had a small idea which was to slide the red paper into the ceiling lights which will develop red colored ambiance, Good that it worked as I thought, thanks to Kapil mainly who was the man in action helping me out with putting the color papers in the lights. I made paper cut designs also, which I used to do in my school days when I did our bulletin board decoration along with my schoolmates.

Finally after we decorated our bay and look of the same was as below, I guess its better to show the same in a picture rather than trying to explain the same.

To add to the beauty Rajiv who was the owner of our massage parlor was in traditional Silk Dhoti and he was the one who was addressing the people visiting our bay and Sanjeev along with Kapil was the one who was getting massage in our parlor, to add glamor to the parlor Sanjeev was in half pants and I applied Multani mitti all over his face. As we didn’t had a porcelain bowl I was mixing rose water and multani mitti on my hand and applying it to Sanjeev. Sreejith was was our massage man and he was massaging Kapil’s shoulders and he was wearing that yellow apron, which I didn’t wanted to wear. Rajiv was stylish the way he explained things, Vijay was our Bouncer [Even we didn’t know why we had a bouncer for Massage parlor ] and when ever there was some questions, We came up with ultimate replies, which were spontaneous too… A sample

Q: Do you always apply that from your Hand?

A: Ya it is hand-made, I just apply rose water and it just keeps forming.

Q: Why is there a bouncer in massage parlor?

A: This massage parlor is for beautiful people to become more beautiful, if someone ugly tries to enter the bouncer will throw them away.

Here are few of the abstract pencil paintings that we printed and displayed all over, courtesy to artists who ever painted it…

Well I guess the Idea was out of the normal trends and that kept the judges interested and more to that the execution was perfect, everyone fitted into their character perfectly. The humor and the ambiance too was awesome, not just that Sanjeev had sprayed fragrance all over the bay and the whole floor was lit up by the same. After the Judges visit, we were on our way to clean up the mess on my hand and Sanjeev’s face then we heard head HR is coming and we all came back and was trying to get into the groove again but finally it was all waste of time as no one was coming.

We heard that the prize announcement is happening in cafeteria and we were rushing towards the same, I dragged Sanjeev to Cafeteria though he was feeling shy about coming to cafeteria with the half pants. His face was glowing as he had two layers of facial with Multani mutti. When we reached cafeteria, there was announcement of prizes for fourth place and two teams had shared fourth place, we thought we reached at the end and was about to leave, then we heard the announcement that our team won the third price, we were so excited and shouting out in joy and went ahead and collected it.

It was such a team work which made it all possible, Last minute entry and Last minute start to work and still emerged out with flying colors. The whole team helped us and that is what made it possible. A special thanks to everyone who was part of this success [In alphabetical order] Anooja[For helping with the decoration], Kapil[For being the man of action helping us in every possible way], Moumita [Captain, without her pestering I would not have been standing inside the Massage parlor and for helping us with decoration and pouring many ideas], Rajitha [For helping with the decoration],  Rajiv [For being the owner, for the stylish presentation and for bearing wearing the dhoti as he was in a hurry to get this over and change back], Sanjeev [For the great idea and his enthusiasm which drove us all ], Sreejith [For his unmatched support and readyness, though I kept whacking him with words in every possible way] and last but not least Vijay [For being our bouncer, though he was little shy to come out with tie an all he stood there in that costume for us].

Oh did I miss someone, of-course A great pat on the back to myself for being helping the team in the decoration, for being the facial expert and throwing Jokes left, right and center for every question that was asked.


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